Reminders from CBC’s End of Year “Creativity” Service

Thanks to all who contributed to this service. Please find below some “reminder-joggers” of the things we looked at as “Alternative ways of worshipping God in 2018”. If you missed the service, and would like some bookmark templates or a free pack of crayons to aid your journaling, see Allan or Christine Blake.

  • Journaling (God is an artist, and we are called to be creative).
  • Writing prose or poetry.
  • Extemporary Prayer.
  • Dance Like Nobody’s Watching: This is almost certainly an individual one – close your curtains, put on some upbeat music and move or dance to the glory of God!
  • Pick up a national or local newspaper. Go through and either circle or tear out stories that touch you as you read them. Listen to God for his heart for the situations. Then write or draw prayers over the stories using felt-tip pens.
  • In The Life You Always Wanted, John Ortberg suggests choosing the longest supermarket queue, or a slower route on a walk or drive, to break the habit of hurry. What could you do in this way? Use the extra time to pray and listen to God.
  • Use art materials or rip pictures out of magazines to express to God how you feel right now. Make a picture or collage and offer it to him. Alternatively, paint or collage your prayers for other people, or your reflections on a Bible passage.
  • Worship Walk. Go for a walk, and have your eyes and ears open. Ask God to show you – things to praise him for, things to ask him to change, and things that challenge the way you live now. Talk to God as you walk.
  • Psalm Remix. Choose a Psalm, read it through,then rewrite it in your own language. You can put in situations from your own life and relate it to modern day faith. Read your own version back to God as part of worship.
    Put on some quiet instrumental music, turn down the lights and dedicate some time to simply resting in God’s love for you. If you struggle to focus, reflect on some Bible verses.
  • Sing the Gospel. Listen to God’s Word as a song (like the psalms were originally written), or sing a gospel passage to your own tune, in the car or in the bath!

The link for the “sung Bible reading” was as follows:

Romans 8:1-17 (Psallos: The Spirit of Life)