growing in Christ in a time of isolation: watering

[musings from the manse]

Continuing to reflect upon what does it mean to grow in Christ by bearing fruit in our lives as followers. 

And the final aid to us growing good fruit is watering.

I expect all of us at times have found that house plant hidden away that we have forgotten to water, and it has died. Plants need sustenance just to survive, let alone produce fruit.

We need to be fed as followers of Jesus if we are to produce good fruit. We need to regularly read our bibles. Share in our understanding of what God’s word says. Develop rhythms of prayer. Practice the spiritual disciplines. We need to be fed.

It is God’s Spirit that enables this food to be become part of lives and to encourage the growth of good fruit.

Being part of a church family and meeting regularly together helps in this. They are those one or two points in the week where you intentionally put yourself in a place to be nourished. 

This may be different at the moment. We may need to make special effort to ensure those points of nourishment become fixed in our weeks. But in our time of isolation we still need to be regularly watered in our life of faith. Maybe meet up online or on the phone to talk about a bible passage or to pray together.

You need to let yourself be fed. Not come with preconceptions and stumbling blocks already in place, but come with your roots exposed and ready to soak up the presence and will of God.

We need to be well watered if we are to bear good fruit.

Yours in Christ

Andy Mills

Minister, CBC

All bible quotations from Holy Bible, New International Version® Anglicized, NIV® Copyright © 1979, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.