Outreach and Community

Fun on the Forecourt, Chard Summer Festival 2015
Fun on the Forecourt, Chard Summer Festival 2015

CBC is regularly involved in organising and participating in activities within our local community.

These can be based at CBC, form part of other community events (eg the lighting up of Chard at Christmas, when CBC often has a BBQ on the Forecourt) or be organised in partnership with Chard Churches Together. These are publicised in the Sunday Page (link to current SP on our homepage) and often on Facebook.

Rendezvous is a weekly friendship group for older people – find out more here.

We also sometimes run what we call ‘Space on a Sunday’ – where our coffee shop, the Welcome Bap, opens on a Sunday morning, providing coffee, tea and croissants to those who want to come in and chat in an unpressurised environment.