Sunday 26th may 2019
Andy Mills
Letters from John: “words of warning”
1John2: 15 – 27

Sunday 19th may 2019
Andy Mills
Letters from John: “reasons for writing”
1John2: 3 – 14

Sunday 12th may 2019
David Hewitt
Letters from John
1John 1:5 – 2:2

Sunday 5th may 2019
Andy Mills
Letters from John
1John 1:1 – 4

Sunday 28th April 2019
Mike Hornsby
Breakfast on the beach
John 21:1-14

Sunday 21st April 2019
Andy Mills
Easter: Jesus is risen
John 20:1-18

Sunday 14th April 2019
Andy Mills
Two ways to worship
John 12:1-8 John 12:12 – 15

Sunday 7th April 2019
Andy Mills
The long night,the trial
John 18:28-19:16

Sunday 31th March 2019
Andy Mills
The long night, Jesus arrested.
John 18:1-27

Sunday 24th March 2019
David Hewitt
The long night,Jesus prays
John 17:1-25

Sunday 17th March 2019
Andy Mills
The long night, grief to joy
John 16:16-33

Sunday 10th March 2019
Andy Mills
What the councilor does
John 15:26-16:15

Sunday 3rd March 2019
Andy Mills
It will be Hard
John 15:18-25

Sunday 24th February 2019
Sarah Thompson
Branches of the vine
John 15:1-17

Sunday 17th February 2019
Andy Mills
The long night:the promised comforter
John 14:15-31

Sunday 10th February 2019
David Hewitt
A future certainty,not a hope
John 14:1-14

Sunday 3rd February 2019
Andy Mills
John 13:18-38

Sunday 27th January 2019
Andy Mills
Washing feet at the foot of the cross
John 13:1-17

Sunday 20th January 2019
Andy Mills
Blessed be the tie that binds
1 Peter 2:4-10

Sunday 13th January 2019
Andy Mills
Do not stop meeting together
Hebrews 10:19-25

Sunday 6th January 2019
Andy Mills
Our Epiphany